Wilmington, DE 19808

About us

Total Language Connections (TLC) was founded in 2009 by Natalie Sparks, bilingual speech-language pathologist in Delaware Our mission is to help all children achieve success in communication.

Natalie is a strong advocate for a collaborative, integrative approach to speech/language services. She feels that students become independent communicators when the skills are targeted in a more natural context. She works very closely with regular and special education staff as well as ESL teachers to facilitate carryover and regular practice of speech and language skills for all populations in a variety of settings. As an RtI coordinator, Natalie has also had the opportunity to work with several school administrators, coaches and specialists to help students reach their greatest academic potential. It was through her experiences in the schools that brought Natalie to the idea of Total Data Collection. She wanted to give teachers a way to track student data in an easy, meaningful way to help teams make the best decisions regarding academic planning.

It is our hope that you find Total Data Collection to be an efficient, effective tool that offers you objective and informative data to drive instruction, interventions and IEP planning.